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Client Conversation

  • A client of mine runs an international student recruiting program.

  • Client:

    We don’t want our flyers to look like all the other American companies. Can you please change the colors from red, white, and blue to something else? And please get rid of the statue of liberty at the bottom.

  • Me:

    Okay, here is the new flyer with a new color scheme and no statue of liberty.

  • Client:

    This is missing something to show that we are American. Can you use patriotic colors and put in a national landmark?

I feel like the placement of the image throws the whole page off balance. Can we move the image one pixel to the right?

Documentation Review

  • In the mid 1990s, I was writing the documentation for a client that developed touch-screen technology for the food service industry. I had submitted a draft of the user guide for review. A week later, I sat in the client’s meeting with the heads of various departments and prepared to receive their comments.

  • Project Lead:

    I didn’t have time to review it, so I gave it to the head of marketing.

  • Marketing Lead:

    Reviewing the Guide wasn’t really our job, so we gave it to the head of QA.

  • QA Lead:

    We didn’t have time to review it, so we gave it to the programmer.

  • Programmer:

    I’m too busy with coding to be reading the guide, so I gave it to the Project Leader.

  • Embarrassed, the Project Leader turned to me and said “We’re very sorry for wasting your time. Charge us for the whole day and give us another week.

  • One week later, I returned to their meeting room and all the same people were there, except they looked really angry. Apprehensively, I awaited their feedback.

  • Project Lead:

    I’ve been hearing horrible things about this guide, so I’m going to let Marketing have their first crack at listing the problems.

  • Marketing:

    Reviewing the guide is still not our job, so I don’t know why you even asked us again! We gave it to QA because finding bugs is their job!

  • QA Lead:

    Our job is to test the application, not find typos! We’re already overloaded without having to read the guide! We gave it to the programmer. He’s the one who should know if the guide is correct or not!

  • Programmer:

    This guide is useless and a piece of crap!

  • Project Lead:

    So you did review it this time?

  • Programmer:

    Well… no. But I showed it to my mother and she hated it.